Murdochville: a true ski town

Alexis and I left for a quick 4-day journey on a Wednesday night towards the Chic-Choc. We drove all night (just like the song). I think it’s the fact that we were so pumped to ski that made the 10-hour drive fly by. Obviously with some help of the finest lattes at Couche-Tard. We arrived sleep deprived the next morning, but still super stoked to be there. We unpacked the car, got dressed and headed out to the closest mountain, the Daltons.

You can skin your way up or use the services(cat-skiing) of the Chic-Chac. This humble mountain as the terrain for all type of skiers, you will find your tight tree runs at one end, some cliffs and open space at the other. It was the perfect mountain to kick off the journey. When we got back I took River for a walk around the town, Murdochville. A recently closed down copper mine used to supply the town with jobs. Now the town survives with tourism. A pretty amazing thing about this place is you can be a homeowner for twenty grand.

Even though the town is quiet, it has the allure and style of a true ski town. The perfectly cut snowbanks are almost taller than the homes and the roads have no salt or sand leaving clean roads to wonder and dream about owning your home, again, for twenty grand. There is one bar, with good beer, at the feet of Mont Miller, where skiers gather to recount their findings and stories of that day with excitement. That bar also serves as a plan maker, discussing where the snow is and how to get there. Leading us in the second day, Mont lyall, a majestic mountain with two peaks. From the parking it is a peaceful 7 km trek until the bottom of the mountain. The views keep on getting better as you make your way up. I even told Alexis as a joke that I don’t know why I drove 5400 km to BC when we had this within a day drive.

On our 3rd day, we decided to ski the T-bar at Mont-Miller, Fun terrain, and apparently when you are there on a snow day you get unlimited quality face shots for a modest 23$ lift ticket.

Final day came quickly. Knowing we had a big drive waiting for us at the end of the day we decided to head to the Daltons again. Searching for last bit of snow and looking for a little action shots.

Murdochville see you soon.

Tip of the trip:

When you feel your touring skins had a long day and they might need a little help to stay under your skis, you can use a ski strap and place it around the skis and the skins. This will prevent the middle part of the skins to detach.

The Journey’s Quiver

Skis: Armada KUFO 103

Super light skis ready to take on any climb. They are quick enough for tree skiing and the rocker at the tip allows you to stay on top of the snow when you find deeper spots.

Poles: Black diamond Traverse pro

Sturdy, light. Being able to choose the length of your poles is crucial when touring, allowing you to adjust to the terrain. They have a strong metal clamp. Having the quick release strap was a plus when skiing the trees, you can read more on it on their web site.

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